Thursday, July 05, 2012


A Vacation Home In Boulder - UPDATED 7/20

You may be wondering how, during the biggest bike race on the planet, the Service Course has remained so silent. The truth is, I've been pumping out a decent word count, but it's all been posted over on As many of you know, I've done online and print work for them on a freelance basis for quite a while, and when the chance came to contribute to Tour de France coverage over there, I jumped at it. It's hell on the page hits here, but better for the bottom line.

So if you're looking for Service Course-style commentary on the Tour, just check in there. I'll keep links updated here:

July 2: Cancellara is himself, Gilbert isn't back and Cav has an eye on green
July 5: Commentary: Handing Sagan the Cannibal Curse
July 6: Commentary: Trial & tribulation for the USADA five
July 12: Analysis: Voigt & Voeckler lead the populist puncheurs
July 14: Best young rider contest is complicated for Tejay Van Garderen
July 16: Commentary: Rare malice in an open sport
July 20: What's next for Chris Froome?

I've been updating on the Service Course Facebook page and on Twitter when new work comes out. As always, thanks for reading, and hope you're enjoying the Tour.

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