Monday, July 20, 2009


After the Flood

For weeks it’s been a struggle to identify what’s been interesting in this Tour de France, and now, after three short days, we’re left such an abundance of material it’s hard to know where to start. However, after witnessing, and indeed participating in the chorus of fan griping about this year’s signature Delayed Gratification route, I’m not going to risk drawing that sort of heat. So we’ll start with yesterday’s splashy stage to Verbiers, and work our way back to Friday’s fairly uneventful stage to Colmar. That way, this post can mirror the Tour de France we’ve all wanted – one that starts with all sorts of sound and fury, then gradually fizzles out until nobody really cares how it ends, only that it does.

Race Radio

Stage 15 to Verbiers

Enough about all that though. As I said, the fact that Armstrong couldn’t match Contador and some others yesterday isn’t terribly surprising to anyone who didn’t have their head up their ass. How did everyone else do?

Stage 14 to Bescanon

Stage 13 to Colmar

Thanks for reading – I think the lesson I’ve learned this year is that I can’t take the weekends off during the Tour de France. On a weekend like this past one, there’s just too much to catch up with come Monday to do it justice, but hey, we gave it a shot. Now that I’m caught up, though, I’m looking forward to seeing if the sting in the tail of this Tour will make all the waiting of the last few weeks worth it.

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Great post, even better than usual.

Good explanation of Cavendish's behavior as he crossed the line in the sprint. That makes a lot of sense, that he was trying to protect GH yellow. If so, bad result, getting relegated.

You neglected to mention that GH should have been driving the break, not playing around with tactics trying(?) to play the stage win. That was a rookie move.
Seriously, not even a mention of the racing in Barnesville on Saturday? For shame
Thanks for the erudite analysis of Astana's antics..keep up the good work!
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