Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Putting the Me in Media

I had an opportunity to do some race reporting for VeloNews last weekend at the USAF Clarendon Cup and the USAF Cycling Classic in Arlington, VA. Even though I don’t do it very often anymore, race reporting – the pure blow-by-blow accounting – is something I always welcome the opportunity to do when the circumstances are right. And “right” in this context means “right for me,” not “right for a minimally employed 25-year-old single guy with no pets.” With that in mind, it’s hard for circumstances to get more right for me than a pair of professional criteriums within eight miles of my house. Almost non-existent travel, in-and-out in a day, no time off from work, sleep in my own bed? Why not?

Since I don’t get out often, being on-site working at the races always makes me reflect a little more on life inside that travelling circus of a world, on my own bit role in it, and on cycling in general. So here’s a shotgun blast of things that crossed my mind as I roasted on the roadside over the weekend:

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United Healthcare is unstoppable? Interesting. They recently bought out my formerly amenable HMO, and in fact several words beginning with "un" comes to mind to describe the company's performance.

I wonder if their cycling team sends back the promoters' invoices with a note indicating they'll only pay 45% of the entry fee, or paying it up front then demanding after the race that the promoter comp them... I find it hard to be enthusiastic about UHC despite their support of the sport. Not like the .gov system is going to be better, but it's weird looking at a race and thinking... damn, I hate that team...
Great post, Ryan. Very insightful.

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