Thursday, October 24, 2013


Wash Kits: Delivery to your Doorstep, or Ed Sander


The first wave of Service Course Wash Kits is in the field, literally and figuratively, and plotting for a second production run is well underway. (What's a Service Course Wash Kit? The more-or-less complete description is here.) 

If you’d like a Wash Kit from batch #2, there are two ways to get your hands on one:
  1. Live in the Greater Washington DC Megalopolis, race the always entertaining Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross at Lilypons Water Garden on November 3, and pick one up from me there. Ideally you'll PayPal $55.00 to theservicecourse at yahoo dot com ahead of time, and I'll have one waiting with your name on it with a stylish orange post-it, as seen aboveOr, email me and tell me you’d like one but you’re really, really, seriously going to bring me cash on race day. Honest, you will.

  2. Live somewhere else, and have me mail you one. I do that now. I don’t yet have a fancy web store like some people, and I’m trying to go with actual shipping costs, so the process works like this:
We'll be back to our irregular regularly scheduled programming shortly. Right after I mail out some buckets.

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I was wondering how long it would take for you to see that! Seriously, though Chris, thank you for all the help and support. It's been a huge, huge help.
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